Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels?

Wheel Size

We have to talk about wheel size because it’s important and relevant to choosing the best wheels for your needs.

Wheel size is usually measured in millimeters (mm). That’s the diameter of the wheel. You’ll usually find skateboard wheels ranging from 50-75 mm on the market today.

Wheel size affects your speed and acceleration. Smaller wheels are slower than bigger wheels. But speeding up on small wheels is faster than speeding up on big wheels.

Because small wheels are lower to the ground, they make an ideal choice for street skating and doing other technical stuff. For beginners, starting with bigger wheels is a good choice. They give you more stability and balance for easy cruising, commuting, or vert skating.


50-53 mm: small wheels, good for tricks, skate parks, and bowls

54-59 mm: average wheels, good for beginners, good for skateparks and vert ramps

60+ mm: for longboards, high-speed racing, good for rough surfaces

Wheel Durometer

Who are the world's best skateboarders
Who are the world’s best skateboarders

Wheel durometer measures the hardness of the wheel. You’ll usually find most wheels measured on the Durometer A scale.

This scale goes to 100. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. For example, if you see the manufacturer labels a wheel 78A, you’ll know that it’s not way too hard but not way too soft either. Compared to a 99A wheel, the 78A is definitely softer.

Also, there’s a Durometer B scale that you should know about. The B scale is 20 points off compared to the A scale. For example, an 83B wheel is the same as the 103A wheel on the A scale. You simply need to add an extra 20 points. So, make sure you’re in the correct dimension.

Generally, longboard wheels are softer than skateboard wheels. This is usually because you need much more grip when racing downhills on a longboard than doing tricks on a skateboard.


What size longboard wheels should I get?

Longboard Wheels Size

The Longboard Wheels Size
The Longboard Wheels Size

The general idea is that the bigger the wheels, the easier it is to roll over rough terrains. With longboard wheels, you’ll typically find the size range of 54 – 59 mm. Those numbers measure the wheels’ diameter. Getting wheels in that range would be great for beginners and big riders skating in skate parks, bowls, and skate street.

The smaller the wheels, the longer it takes to cover the same distance. In other words, smaller wheels are slower than bigger ones. However, with smaller wheels, you’ll be able to accelerate much faster than bigger ones. The advantage of big wheels is that once they get up to speed, they are much more stable than smaller ones.

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Your height and weight may also affect the feel and speediness of the wheels to some extent. As a quick recap, see the short list below:

54-59mm: good for beginners and big riders cruising, carving, etc.

60mm+: excellent for downhill racing and tough surfaces.

If you’re looking for a longboard to cruise around over long distances, the first size range would be suitable. This size range is very beginner-friendly.

If you want a longboard for downhill racing and other extreme stuff, definitely go with bigger wheels. Those offer the best racing experience and stability.


Which type of skates should we select for our first time?

For most people who’re planning to get into skating, their first challenge should be selecting the right suitable skates for their skating styles.

And when it comes to skating, two of the most common skate types are inline skates and roller skates. Both of them would be good for any skater wannabees, however, judging on your preferences, you might prefer one over the other.

In this post, we’ll be introducing about inline skates and roller skates, their advantages as well as disadvantages, and whether you should choose one of them.

Inline skates (or rollerblades)

the right suitable skates for their skating styles
the right suitable skates for their skating styles


Good speed

The first thing that you’ll notice about rollerblades is their aerodynamic designs, which contribute a lot in terms of accelerations and maintaining a good speed.


Penny Board vs. Skateboard: Figuring Out Which One is Better

First of all, let’s make it completely clear. We don’t think that there are any particular boards that are better than other types. They’re just more suitable for certain purposes. And that mostly depends on the skaters, not the boards.

However, for most beginners, the whole concepts of different boards for different skating styles can be quite intimidating. And even when you’re already a fairly experienced skateboarder, there is nothing to be sure that you can get everything figured it out on your own.

In this post, you’ll learn about penny boards and their differences compared to regular skateboards. And just to clarify, penny board is just another type of skateboards and the “skateboard” that we’ll be talking about will mostly be street skateboards. Hopefully, at the end of it, you can figure out which one is more suitable for you.

Penny board explained

the type of skateboard
the type of skateboard

Penny boards are a type of skateboard that is introduced by an Australian company name Penny (surprise, surprise). They’re produced to maximize the lightweight as well as compactness so the users can take advantage of that in whatever they’re into.

These boards have become popular over the years, not just on the skating aspect, but because they also make a great fashion accessory. However, this also makes many pro skateboarders disliking the penny board as they usually consider them unfit to skate.


How To Clean Skateboard Wheels – 7 Simple Steps Guide

Yes, you’re not wrong, we’re talking about skateboard wheels and not bearings. While many skateboarders consider dirty and scratchy skateboard wheels are a norm and refuse to give them a proper cleaning, we believe every skater should do it every once in a while as a tribute to your dedicated boards.

However, due to prolonged and demanding uses, most skateboard wheels are usually quite dirty. Not to mention that the scratches on their surfaces make the dirt to be extremely resilient. Hence, it’s not easy to clean your skateboard wheels, it’s also the main reason why a lot of skaters refuse to clean their wheels.

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From my experiences, I’ve come up with an effective method for cleaning skateboard wheels. Our guide will introduce you to the cleaning technique step by step, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

Step 1: Preparation

Being stationary when doing tricks
Being stationary when doing tricks

Here are a few items that you’ll need to prepare before you start cleaning your skateboard wheels:

  • Skate tool – use this to remove the wheels out of their trucks
  • Flat heat screwdriver – they’ll come handy when prying the bearings out
  • Steel scrub – use this to deal with difficult stains
  • Clean cloth – you should prepare a lot of this since you’ll be needing them
  • Baking soda, lemon, vinegar – combining the three and you’ll have an effective cleaning solution
  • Blow dryer – for quickly drying your wheels after cleaning

Once these are all prepared, it’s time to clean your wheels