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Our Story

I was practicing in my local skate park as usual when [tên #1] and his friends came around. When I first saw him, I thought to myself, “Look at that cocky look on his face! It’s like he’s the best player in the world.” I didn’t like Henry.

He noticed me and came closer. He said loudly, “What the heck, you’ve been doing this all wrong!” or something like that. I felt embarrassed and replied, “I don’t need your lessons, man. Go away, I know what I’m doing!”

He didn’t care. He grabbed my favorite skateboard from the ground and just … danced. We became the best bros ever since.

It turned out the cocky one was me. I didn’t listen and wasn’t open to new ideas. What Henry showed me that day was probably one of the best live shows ever. I had never seen anyone who had such great control of their boards, considering mine was not even the usual board he practiced on every day. For some moments, he was like flying and dancing effortlessly on the rail. He and I founded Empire Skateboard Distribution to spread our love.

What You’ll Learn

We believe in continuous improvement, not complete perfection. In this blog, you’ll see posts on many topics:

  • We’ll instruct you how to choose the best board for your body type, skills level, and budget
  • We’ll share with you great tips, hacks, and secrets that we’ve learned over the years through our trials and errors
  • We’ll give you the best and latest resources related to skateboards and this sport in general

Our Members

My name is James, I am the co-founder of Empire Skateboard Distribution. I’ve been skateboarding since 14. My favorite tricks are 360 Ollie KickFlip and Plasma Spin. I have spent hours researching the best boards for beginners to professional players. What you read on this blog are my top selections from thousands of trusted customers. I wouldn’t recommend a product that I myself don’t know well.

Henry is my best friend for over 10 years. He has a vast amount of knowledge in this sport. He knows how to clean your board the proper way. He’s the man behind all the awesome tricks, hacks, and best-kept secrets you see on our blog. More than anything, we built this Empire with the hope to share our passion with the community and connect with all of you bros out there.