Which type of skates should we select for our first time?

Which type of skates should we select for our first time?

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For most people who’re planning to get into skating, their first challenge should be selecting the right suitable skates for their skating styles.

And when it comes to skating, two of the most common skate types are inline skates and roller skates. Both of them would be good for any skater wannabees, however, judging on your preferences, you might prefer one over the other.

In this post, we’ll be introducing about inline skates and roller skates, their advantages as well as disadvantages, and whether you should choose one of them.

Inline skates (or rollerblades)

the right suitable skates for their skating styles
the right suitable skates for their skating styles


Good speed

The first thing that you’ll notice about rollerblades is their aerodynamic designs, which contribute a lot in terms of accelerations and maintaining a good speed.

They also come with taller wheels which allows the skaters to gain a good speed in a relatively quick amount of time. In additions, the low-profile sizes reduce the friction on the skates, making them extremely good in retaining momentum.

However, keep in mind that the high speed isn’t always going to be useful, especially when you’re going downhill. Since the thin wheels won’t help you do much in terms of slowing you down, you might experience some difficulties when going downhill.


Once you’ve got the hang of inline skating, you’ll feel extremely flexible when riding on the pair of skates. It provides good control as well as responsive movements for you to ride in different types of roads at different speeds.

In additions, rollerblades also come with reinforced cuffs that embrace our heels and ankles, they allow for responsive control of the skates.

Sharp turnings

Though it might take a certain period of time for you to get used to inline skating due to the lack of stability on the wheels. Once you’ve been relatively comfortable on the skates, you’ll find that sharp turns and quick sprints have become extremely simple.

The special design of a rollerblade allows their users to skates on the sides of the wheels in order to turn. Hence, you can make sharp turns by tilting the wheels, which is impossible if you’re using a pair of quad skates.


The big wheels and long wheelbase would make your skates extremely versatile. Due to the design, whenever you hit a rock, a bump, or any obstacles on the road, you can easily regain balance and keep on moving. Hence, you can comfortably skate on tough terrains like rocks, grasses, bumpy roads, and so on.

Better comfort

In additions, inline skates also come with the inner boot (or also known as the liner), which are soft and cushion paddings that protect your heels and ankle from impacts. This would make your feet extremely comfortable during a long skating session.

On top of that, the hard shell that wraps around the skates doesn’t only protect your feet, but also make your skates last longer.


Harder to control

The only disadvantages with rollerblade are that users would have to spend more time getting used to the skates. The reason is that it comes with the inline wheel construction which greatly reduces stability when standing. As a result, it would take more time and effort to learn how to control and doing tricks on the skates.

Roller skates (or quad skates)

the 4-wheels design which allows for significantly better stability
the 4-wheels design which allows for significantly better stability


Easier to get used to

These skates come with a relatively different design compared to inline skates. Most notably, you’ll see that these skates come with the 4-wheels design which allows for significantly better stability. As a result, you can learn to stand on the skate relatively quick. In facts, many beginners know how to stand on their roller skate during their very first days.

Better stability

In additions, the wheels on roller skates also feature larger profiles which give them even better stability. Hence, skaters would find it easier to stand upright on a pair of quad skates. On the other hand, on rollerblades, you must learn to control the whole body to cope with the movement of the wheels.

Simple control

Like skateboards, the quad skates consist of trucks for mounting the wheels and controlling the movements of the users. As a result, the trucks allow for simple turning and maneuvering. To turn in a certain direction, you’ll just simply apply force on the trucks and they would tilt in that direction. This works pretty much like on a skateboard.

Speed control

Due to the wheels with large profiles and small diameter, the quad skates tend to generate more friction when riding, this allows for better control when riding on a high speed or downhill.

And if you feel like stopping, roller blades also feature top stops, which are a really useful component for quick and easy stops. They’re mounted on the front of the skates and whenever you want to stop, you can always push the toe stops on the ground, the massive friction would make you stop immediately.


Slower than rollerblades

At the same time, the thick wheels and their larger friction also reduce the speed that you achieve during your sprints. Not to mention that the smaller wheels make it harder to accelerate, thus you must push harder to attain the desired speed. For the same reason, going uphill will always be a major challenge for inline skaters.

Not good with tough terrains

The small and thick wheels also make quad skates extremely ineffective on tough terrains. The small rocks, pebbles, dust, or even grasses might get stuck on your skates, limiting their movements. In additions, big rocks on the road can get in the way and make your wheels stop rolling immediately. Hence, you should avoid big rocks and pebbles on the road at all costs.

Final thoughts

the Original Penny and the Nickel Board
the Original Penny and the Nickel Board

Both inline skating and quad skating have their own advantages and disadvantages, it’s just a matter of personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right type of skates. From our experiences, you should consider your priorities before choosing between the two. If speed and flexibility are what you’re aiming for then a pair of rollerblades is a must.

However, if you’re a newbie who only looks for a stable pair of skates for cruising around the downtown area, then the roller skates might be a better choice due to their stability.

Either of which, you won’t regret your decision. Just keep practicing and you’ll be better.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.